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Get to Know Kris

Kris Momme

I officially became a home organizer in 2005 upon having my abilities discovered by another organizer. I honed my skills with professional training and hands-on experience and continue to enjoy being part of other’s transformations with enthusiasm. I had no idea what came naturally to me could be my life’s work.


Tackling projects and clutter can be overwhelming. Your space did not manifest overnight and recreating it won’t happen overnight but, with patience and commitment, your goals will be achieved!


I am your gentle guide to help you lighten your life. When you clear your physical space you clear your thoughts and emotions and become able to fill your life with more energy and positive choices.


The first step is the hardest but you will soon feel empowered to  Move Forward with Your Life!

Kris Momme

I highly recommend Green Light Living for all your decluttering and home organization needs!  Kris was professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, & a pleasure to work with.  She helped me declutter & organize my basement. Couldn’t have done it without her.  It is such a relief to have that space cleared out.  She also provided mem with ideas & resources on what to do with the items I no longer wanted.  Give her a call or email!  It’s so worth it!!!

 -A.G. Gunbarrel

Areas Of Service is your Professional Organizer based in Boulder, Colorado.  

Kris is committed to giving you undivided attention and getting your home goals accomplished.  Together you will create a plan for your unique desires and needs. Kris offers affordable rates and will be available for support in between sessions to help you meet your specific goals for your home.


Are you interested in working with a professional Professional Organizer? Kris will help supply all the equipment and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job for her clients have, no matter how big or small it may be. She is committed to providing consistently reliable service in a timely and professional manner.

Kris has over 14 years helping individuals and families downsize. You can feel comfortable knowing Kris is there to guide you every step of the way.  

"I hired Kris, with Green Light Living, to organize my pantry.  I thought it was hopeless and that she’d end up throwing everything away.  I didn’t even know what I had in there anymore!  I didn’t stick around to watch.  When I returned, I was amazed! I could see everything I had, I could easily access everything, and I had space to move around in the pantry and put more stuff!  And she didn’t find anything that was expired which really surprised me. I would never have attempted to do this on my own.  Choosing Kris was a good choice for me. She told me I’d feel better about my pantry and she was right!  I highly recommend Green Light Living!"

~ M. J.   Denver

Sort,  Purge and Organize 

Is it time to find things you think you’ve lost?  Are you ready to tackle the pile of papers? Are you ready to feel good about your home again and spend time enjoying your space?  Maybe you have a remodel coming up? Is it time to repurpose a room or get ready for a gathering or guest?  Whatever your needs we’ll make it happen!  

"I first hired Kris to help me with various projects in my home & office.  She was very easy to work with and kept us laughing. I was reluctant at first, fearing that I’d feel pressured to get rid of things.  She addressed what I asked her to and helped me become aware of areas I could address if I chose. She assured me that I was in control of what happened with my home and possession.  We’ve been together for several years now. She’s been very accommodating to my tight schedule, always coming on time and making sure that we accomplish what is on my list for the day.  One time she was not available and sent another organizer. She kept me on track by doing this. I'm always relieved about my home when she leaves. Green Light Living is my go-to for organization!"

 ~ C.S. Boulder

Pack & Unpack

Moving is always stressful. will get your needs, on either or both sides of your move, under control quickly and efficiently.  Feel comfortable knowing your treasures will be handled with care and made secure for transport.  Relax and let Kris drive this project, giving you peace of mind!

"Kris has also helped me move over the years.  She packs me up and I can take care of other things I need to do.  We always have a good time talking and I feel confident in her abilities and the suggestions she gives me. 

Her tag line is ‘Move Forward with Your Life’ and it’s true!  Each time I hire Kris she gets me where I need to go!"

~ C. D.  Boulder   

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